Buteyko is most often taught in 5 classes. It's best if the first 3 classes fall on three consecutive days, with classes 4 and 5 following soon after. The 5 class course can be a group class or a private class.

Skype and Facetime classes are also available.



As well as the breathing work, the 5 classes include aspects of Dr. Buteyko's theories and some basic breathing physiology as it relates to Buteyko as well as the mechanics of proper 'natural' breathing. Dr. Buteyko believed simply working on breathing is not enough; knowledge empowers clients to understand how and why Buteyko works. 

Each class lasts approximately 1 hour. Included in the classes is a workbook with charts to organize and track the breathing exercises. The workbook also contains pertinent information about breathing and Buteyko's theory. Follow-up is provided in the form of emails or phone calls at the conclusion of the course.

I offer skype/facetime classes to those who cannot attend classes in person. Generally, learning Buteyko in person is better so often I will see clients for a few in-person classes then finish the classes on skype/facetime.

Occasionally I've had clients ask for additional classes beyond the 5. I'm always willing to accommodate requests for further help and support.

The 5 Class Course includes:

  • Workbook containing 1) charts for monitoring breath work and 2) information on breathing drawing from a wide range of sources.
  • Five classes personalized to the needs of the individual specific to their goals in learning Buteyko.
  • Careful and gentle instruction on how to practice Buteyko breathing.
  • Follow-up consisting of  support and monitoring progress.