I wanted to let you know that this morning I reached a new plateau in the level of symptoms (or lack of) with my Asthma, sleep Apnoea, panic attacks, etc. I slept a full night, I am feeling calm and the shortage of breath has almost disappeared. I have begun the daily ‘walks’ and I actually look forward to doing the breathing exercises!

I want to thank you for your support, compassion, professionalism and mostly for your ‘straight talk’ in helping me through this ‘hell’ and out the other side!
— Conrad Belanger

It’s been almost three years since you taught me about Buteyko and the exercises. I’ve been asthma-free for 2 years and 10 months. I weaned myself off the corticosteroid, too. This summer I quit taking pantaloc for GERD, when it began giving me extreme thirst, have had fewer GERD symptoms symptoms since then, and no rebound symptoms. You said my health would continue to improve for the next three years and it has. I have energy now and I feel well almost every day.

My respirologist is astonished at how clear my lungs are but I doubt if he read the paper you gave me or has looked up Buteyko on his own.

Just wanted to let you know you have another success, in me. Thank you so much.
— Polly Cox

Learning Buteyko has been instrumental in achieving wellness in our home. I had tried numerous alternative therapies to alleviate our son’s asthma. The task was almost exhausting! Steve, from the first Buteyko session with you, I realized the answer I was looking for wasn’t the next miracle remedy but the process of learning how to breathe healthy. Our son was often coughing uncontrollably at night and that resulted in us all awakening tired the next morning. As we continued our sessions with you and did the exercises at home, his coughing stopped! It has been a year and a half now since we met you and learned Buteyko. Over this time period, our son’s health has improved greatly. He used to sit out during gym class and avoid running at recess. Now, he can run laps around the gym and be the first one to finish! While the other kids are trying to “catch their breath”, he’s ready for what’s next! Learning Buteyko has strengthened his lung capacity and he has great endurance for any activity! Our son knows how to be in control of his breath and has an understanding of the importance in breathing healthy! We are all breathing with more consciousness and enjoy peaceful nights. Steve, meeting you was a gift and we are most grateful you taught us Buteyko! Our sessions with you were fun and we always looked forward to seeing you! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and genuine care.
— D

“My life and health before Buteyko was really sad: 1) I had trouble breathing through my nose and I was constantly twitching and sniffling, 2) People thought I had a drug problem, 3) Doctors wanted to operate, 4) I was waking up 2 or 3 times per night to go to the bathroom, 5) I had sleep apnea with a rate of 17.1 apneas per hour. Now I sleep through the night, can breathe through my nose, have no twitching and have a restful night’s sleep. Thank you Buteyko and Steve Donald.
— Jeff Golfman
The Buteyko Method has completely changed my life. It treated the cause of my asthma and not the symptoms. I have never been healthier! Simply put, it was the missing link
— N

Under Steve’s gentle guidance and teaching of Buteyko breathing, my stamina for exercise and vocal work has improved as has my general overall energy level...The improvements we have seen and experienced are inspirations to continue to work with Steve and the Buteyko method of breathing. Through Power Walking, I began to suffer from exercise induced and cold weather asthma. Doctors offered inhalers. Learning the Buteyko breathing technique with Steve’s guidance has helped to certainly reduce if not eradicate this condition and as a result my love of Power Walking has returned. And no need for inhalers
— K
I approached Buteyko with skepticism at first, but it has proven to be an integral part of achieving my artistic goals as a vocalist, not to mention effectively managing anxiety (which had been worsening before starting the method and is now under control) and finally being able to exercise puffer-free! Steve’s dedication and first hand experience provided a wealth of knowledge and support which made learning the Buteyko Method an experience as positive and enriching as the results.
— L

I went to Steve Donald because I was having frequent panic attacks and insomnia. Steve showed me how the way I breathe affects my body and taught me how to control my breathing. Since taking Steve’s course I have been able to successfully stave off my panic attacks. Using the same simple breathing technique at night, I sleep like a baby. The results of Steve Donald’s course were remarkable and have made a huge difference in my life.
— H