Buteyko is a healing modality developed by Ukrainian physician Dr. Konstantin Buteyko. It uses gentle breathing exercises to restore optimal breathing efficiency and oxygen delivery.



I took Buteyko classes in 2005 as a treatment for asthma. Within days I noticed fewer asthma symptoms. I needed less of the medication I required daily and within a few weeks was off it completely. Also my snoring calmed down and my sleep improved.

Since 2005 I've noticed many improvements in my health. My ragweed allergies are gone, my nose is more open and clear, I no longer get a blocked ear (blocked auditory tube), my digestion has improved, I generally feel warmer and I have more energy. 

I so was grateful for and amazed at the improvements in my health that in 2006 I enrolled in the first Buteyko teacher training offered in Canada.

While Buteyko is known as an asthma, snoring/sleep apnea, and anxiety treatment it is effective for many other chronic health issues including, but not limited to, poor sleep/insomnia, sinusitis, allergies, chronic cough, COPD, eczema, panic attacks, CFS/ME, IBS.

More recently the breathing principles of Buteyko have been utilized by athletes including 3-time Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross. 

I invite you to find out more about Buteyko. Or click here to register for the  register for the 5 class course

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Find out about the Buteyko breathing method, and how it's been used as an effective treatment method for various conditions.

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Understand what has happened to your breathing and why. Learn how you can heal with Buteyko

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